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Here are 3 things I want to highlight as a designer working on IBM Sterling Order Management:

💻 I hit the ground running and turned complex problems into simple and quality experiences by

And more!

🔍 I conducted a product-wide consistency audit

Lots of designers and engineers have cycled through our team and product and there’s bound to be some inconsistencies. I led work with cross-functional teams to make sure our copy, visual, interaction, and UX design is consistent and lines up with IBM’s Carbon Design System and accessibility standards. When there were larger discrepancies, I reached out to others for their expertise and we ironed out the details. I also built documentation for other teams to refer to!

🧧 I started a pan-Asian Business Resource Group for all IBMers

I felt distant from the Asian community and was curious if others felt the same. Since January 2023, over 100 people have joined our Slack channel and I led a fabulous team of 11 volunteers who are dedicated to supporting and empowering the Asian community at IBM. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to meet new people and plan and host events with and for them!

Look at us at our language jam event ✌️ →

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